Monday, March 7, 2016

The Best Time to Travel in Tuscany

So when is the best time to travel to Tuscany? Well I’m of the opinion that Travelling in Tuscany is a year round activity and every season has its charm. Of course winter in Tuscany is cold, but it’s not that bad; expect day time temperatures of 5-10 centigrade (40-50 Fahrenheit).

The winter months are best for cultural tours of cities and museums because you won’t have to deal with the high season crowds. The main cities such as Florence Rome and Venice never close down, but being low season there's ample choice of accommodation at considerably cheaper prices.

If the Tuscan scenery and wine tasting are your preferences, then spring, summer and autumn are definitely better. The less busy periods for wine tasting in Tuscany, are the months of March and, April while the countryside is splendid from May to October. November is a very quiet with a touch of autumn foliage still on the vines. Above all it's the month of the olive harvest, so you'll also be able to live this important moment of Tuscan lifestyle.

However the Tuscan countryside doesn't suffer from the the summer overpopulation of the cities, and even if you choose high season you won't feel at all crowded. It may be a good idea to book wine tastings in advance during the summer months, or better still take the services of a Tuscany wine tour guide. Like me for instance!

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