Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wine tours in many wineries in a day?

Wine tours in Tuscany are a little different from the US and generally you can't walk in, take a drink and walk out. The larger wineries sometimes deal with walk-up tours, but I don't take my guests to bus tour wineries. The smaller wineries have limited staff, and often require advance booking. However they care about their wines, and will dedicate ample time to your experience. A tour & tasting will take an hour and a half,and even without a tour, you'll end up staying about 45 minutes at least. Also remember that wineries in Chianti are not conveniently lined up along main roads. They're scattered around a large hilly area at the end of dirt tracks, so moving from one to another takes time.

Another "time limiting" factor is the gorgeous countryside. You'll be hard pressed not to want stop and take photos, and there's one on every turn of the meandering roads. My itineraries are the result of years of experience in touring Tuscany, and I'll give you great photo opportunities. Take a look at my Facebook page and I hope you'll agree.

Then what about lunch? Do you really want to have a sandwich to go, when you're in one of the world's best places for food. Sit down for an hour or maybe more, and enjoy at least one course of Tuscan peasant cuisine, such as Ribollita, Panzanella, or Fagioli all'Uccelleto.

The wines of I Selvatecci winery makers of a fine Super Tuscan

So the answer to how many wineries for a day's touring in Tuscany is? Two. This is the perfect number, and you'll also have time to enjoy the fantastic scenery, take photos, and sit down to Tuscan lunch. Check out my Chianti tour and wine tasting for an idea.

However, if you're not interested in scenery or photos, and would rather take in more wineries, this can be done. I'd suggest a maximum of four, limiting cellar tours to just one. However let me know in advance, in order to make necessary reservations, and changes to the itinerary.

Sergio Ceccherini